Our Home

Here – at the “Nonnenhof” – surrounded by 1.000 years of history and tradition- we are at home with our wines, champagnes and spirits.

The coat of arms of Schleiden shows in the middle the angular beam of the Cistercians, who once owned the Nonnenhof.

More than 1000 years ago, A.D. 997, the farmyard was mentioned by document.

Later it was aquired by the Cistercians, who have also owned the abbey on top of the Mountain Salvator nearby Aachen. Since 1147 a tenant administered the property.

Coat of arms of the Cistercians, found at Aachen and at the Nonnenhof.

In the year 1217 Earl Wilhelm of Jülich certified that the farmyard will be free of any taxation and services and that the owners are allowed to cut wood in the Ardennes – to be resold for good money.

“Registered in the year of the incarnated word” 1217

The reason for this noble gift: the Earl wanted to take part in the next crusade. He hoped that the nuns would pray for him in case of his death. He really needed their prayers – he died two years later in the battle of Damiette, lower Egypt.

The Cistercians cultivated the Nonnenhof and cleared the large, surrounding forest areas.

In 1794 soldiers of the French revolution occupied the Rhineland and took on the battle against the church. The nuns had to leave their property in 1803 within one week. The estate was now the property of the French legion of honour and was assigned by Napoleon to a distinguished veteran, Major Dufour.


The owners changed a couple of times during the coming decades.
Magnificent documents recorded the sales.

In 2003 the property, rich in tradition, which had been empty for more than 30 years, together with the near-by villa from 1870, was bought by today’s owners, Edmund and Marion Falk, from the Weitz family, sealed with a handshake.


Today the property and mansion shine again in old splendor.

Please give us a call and let us arrange your visit at our “Nonnenhof”. Learn more about us and our passion in wine, champagne and spirits while having a cup of tea or coffee. We look forward to seeing you.

Pierre Falk & Klaus Hombuecher